Dr. DaiWai Olson personally checking out the effects of hypothermia at the 12,000 foot level while climbing Ecuador's 19,000 foot Mt. Cotopaxi - the world's tallest active volcano!

"You give me fever - I give you research"

This year's Neuroscience Nursing Foundation Special Lecturer at the AANN Annual Meeting is DaiWai M. Olson, PhD, RN, CCRN.Dr Olson will address the growing body of knowledge related to temperature modulation in the neuroscience population. Initially used in patients with traumatic brain injury, study has expanded to other populations, including in patients post cardiac arrest, those with ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, and in the pediatric population. As our understanding of the impact of fever on brain recovery grows, use of interventions to maintain normothermia or induce hypothermia has expanded. Dr Olson will take an in-depth look at the history of hypothermia as a treatment modality, provide us with a better understanding of its effects on the central nervous system, discuss current trends in the scientific literature and their effect on the practice of the neuroscience nurse.