Sponsorship Opportunities

As first-line care providers, nurses profoundly influence the outcome of neurologic care. Their role in the success of interventions ranging from surgery and rehabilitation, to drug treatments to home care is understood, but can certainly be better investigated, documented and acknowledged. This is particularly true in this era of evidence-based medicine.

To that end, the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation (NNF) is working to enhance the role of nurses by supporting nursing research in the area of neurologic care as well as professional development opportunities for nurses working in the specialty. Since 1996 NNF has supported research projects on topics ranging from traumatic brain injury to Parkinson's Disease and professional development opportunities in the form of scholarships, educational travel grants, and funding to support CNRN certification/recertificion.

NNF was able to bring this level of support to neuroscience nurses worldwide thanks in large part to its corporate partners, and those corporate partnerships are vital in continuing NNF's efforts to continue and expand those efforts.

Those interested in partnering with the NNF to support neuroscience nurses worldwide should contact the NNF Executive Director, JD Meacham at nnf@nnfoundation.net or phone, 509.738.2344.